What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is the ancient form of astrology used in India and is sometimes referred to as ‘Hindi astrology’ or ‘Indian astrology’ but the original name is Jyotish which is derived from a Sanskrit word jyotisa meaning light or heavenly body. In the main Jyotish astrology is used as a predictive medium, not only for individuals but for countries and businesses alike. Jyotish astrology like so called ‘western astrology’ (which was derived in the middle ages from the middle east) focuses on planets and heavenly bodies their relationship to the person or the country not only at the time of birth, but also to how those particular bodies are positioned now in relationship to the birth time.The two main differences between western and Indian astrology are in the time system used to classify the ‘houses’ or areas of life that the planets are placed in and in the interpretation method. Indian astrology uses what are called ‘Yoga’s’ to interpret the energies or influences from particular planets or configurations. The ‘Yoga’s’ used in Vedic astrology are originally from the old Sanskrit texts the Vedas, witting from more than 3000 years ago and covering just about every aspect of humane life. The Vedas form part of a much larger system of philosophy than astrology alone and this is where the Indian type of astrology really starts to differ from western astrology and to widen into what you might call a more holistic or all inclusive approach to life possibilities and the ‘right’ way.Those that practice the art of Vedic/Jyotish astrology claim not only that it is the most accurate predictive medium of all but that it is not just about fate as some people mistakenly think, but about choices and making the ‘right’ decisions in one’s life too.