Psychics, Mystics and Vedic Astrologers – Who Are the Best Seers of the Unknown?

The subject of psychics brings to most persons’ minds someone in a half trance, with a faraway look in their eyes and an ability to see into events of life (or death) hidden from the consciousness of most other people.They might be consulted for insights into one’s present and future health, material prosperity, or to find a lost loved one. Some profess to speak with those that have already moved on from this world. Others are even consulted to give clues to finding the perpetrators of heinous crimes, sometimes even by law enforcement.Exactly what is this ability to see what most people cannot and are their abilities truly real and verifiable? What most people call “being psychic” is better described as “clairvoyance”. Such a sense allowing one to open the consciousness to receive information contained in the “ether”, shall we say, is very real and such abilities actually reside in all sentient beings.Have you ever thought of someone and a moment later the phone rang and it was them? Many owners swear that their dogs or cats know when they are coming home before they even arrive on their street. Other animals have shown an uncanny ability to feel when people are ill or if an accident is about to happen. It is a verifiable fact that when the huge tsunami occurred in the Indian Ocean a few years after the beginning of the 21st century that all the animals were literally running for higher ground long before people even saw the ocean tide going out, what to speak of the wave coming in.Most people’s minds are filled with thoughts pertaining to their sensual desires for pleasure or temporary material gain to begin to develop such abilities. Only in childhood before becoming too “worldly” is this natural ability functioning in most of us. Having said that, most clairvoyants find and further develop this “sixth sense” from childhood when there are fewer desires for material acquisitions or sensual demands. The mind is less polluted and less bothered by a constant chatter of thoughts and ideas molded by exposure to the media and the bombardment of suggestions that comes from daily life in the urban world.Persons who have this “gift” generally also keep an inherent vision of the temporary nature of life in this world and the folly of accepting stressful situations to try to gain things that in the end bring no inner satisfaction. However, true clairvoyants with a keen inner “eye to see” are quite rare. Most that profess to have such gifts and abilities turn out to be adept at reading people from their appearance, behavior, or speech and have developed the skill to intuit from this information. Many take advantage of those in great distress or that are just more gullible than most naturally.
We have all seen the professionals who put on shows where they find hidden objects, reveal information they couldn’t possibly have known or relay messages from the “dearly departed”. Some of these persons undoubtedly have a more developed intuition and psychological awareness of people, but few have any truly remarkable abilities that bring any information of a “higher” nature of spirit.A mystic, though, is one who does have highly developed clairvoyant abilities, but is steeped in real spiritual knowledge. Generally they are yogis or advanced practitioners on a spiritual path, regardless of what “religion” they are said to belong to. Mystics could easily have the ability to understand mundane matters far beyond most persons’ perceptions, but they are generally so spiritually directed that their concern is for knowledge that can help a person to realize their own spiritual nature or identity. They are not usually amenable to “predicting” others’ material futures or counseling them in their mundane lives. They mostly stay aloof from the material world’s affairs identifying instead with the spiritual identity.This brings us to a most important “case in point”. What is spiritual identity? All spiritual practitioners soon realize that we are not our bodies. After all, not even the greatest of fools thinks he is his arm, or his stomach, or his head. We all refer to parts of the body as “my arm, my stomach or my head”. Yet we misidentify ourselves with our physical bodies to a great extent, using much of our physical and mental power to try to gain ever-greater gratification of our physical senses.What then of the mind? We mostly dwell within the minds and lost in a sea of thoughts we imagine that we are becoming happy by trying to attain temporary goals, although this happiness also seems ever elusive. Does it not? We mentally analyze our world, accepting some things as desirable, and rejecting others as undesirable, with no real basis to our conjectures. We imagine that those we see with more money or sensual opportunities are experiencing a state of happiness greater than ours. Thus we envy those that we see as having “more” than we and feel superior to those who we see as “having less”. Although nothing we gain made of matter produces anything but a momentary flicker of satisfaction before disappearing, our desires grow more fervently to have these things in greater measure. There never seems to be any end to it!But where is that goal everyone seems to aspire for called “peace of mind”? The mind also seems to be a separate field of energy from our “selves”, yet is what we use to perceive this world. At the same time we also refer to “our minds” and thus there is a deep knowledge from somewhere that neither the body nor mind is our true identity.True mystics for the most part stay aloof from the never-ending desires of the lower mind. Using spiritual practices to open the higher realms of consciousness through meditation they remain renounced from work for increasing bodily demands. They identify with the “self” as the soul within and do not see their duty in life as tending to the problems and supporting the desires of most persons in this world. Their goal is finding and fulfilling the eternal desires of the real “self”, thus their path is known as that leading to “self-realization”.Vedic astrologers, like mystics, understand the science of transmigration of the soul or reincarnation. They should have full realization of both the mind and the physical body being temporary. One comparison often made is that just as when a person wakes from a dream at night, realizing the dreaming situation was not real, at the time of leaving the body at death one realizes that the life just lived was also just like a dream and had no permanent reality.In their personal lives those who walk the higher path of spiritual practice, nonviolence and always attempt to develop the highest qualities of compassion and equanimity (which are also the principles that true spiritual mystics embody) gain the greatest abilities to become seers of the truth.Vedic astrologers study the science of “jyotish”, meaning the “science of light”, which after many years of study and practice, allow them to understand what “karmas” must be experienced in a person’s lifetime. The “window” through which they are able to read all these influences is called the horoscope. It is an astronomical map of the heavens in relation to the exact place and time in which they were born on earth.This horoscopic “map” allows the competent Vedic astrologer to see the development of a person in their childhood and throughout all stages of life. It portends their ability to absorb and utilize knowledge on all levels, and their ability to fulfill their desires in life. For most people this reflects the career path they are suited to follow and how elevated their positions may become in life. It shows their economic development, their married and family life paths and what desires they most fervently wish to fulfill during the course of their lives. In short this tool gives the astrologer the means to determine the concomitant enjoyment, as well as the suffering, on a “material” level that is allotted to a human being during their current life.Truly learned Vedic astrologers become so proficient in the science of jyotish that they can see exactly when events are to occur, in what measure, and even the length of a person’s stay on earth in the present incarnation. They live lives dedicated to spiritual practice, which results in, just as with the mystics, their detachment from a life of seeking sensual gratification. Thus they “experience” a greater “knowledge” which qualifies them to help others to attain peace by gradually moving toward such elevated realizations of what constitutes “life”.Of what use is such knowledge to the common person? By hearing of one’s strengths and weaknesses from a learned Vedic astrologer more confidence is gained that they can utilize their abilities to actually attain their goals. If actual fact then what the astrologer says should almost immediately ring true to the person seeking their counsel.Knowing where the pitfalls lie makes us more careful and aware. Understanding how to have successful relationships and what we truly need in this important area makes us less likely to enter into one that we intuitively know will end in disaster. By having the knowledge of the times when influences are the most favorable we can exacerbate the results by concerted hard efforts. Conversely in knowing the times which are going to be the least fruitful we can relax somewhat, keep the status quo and not allow ourselves to become unnecessarily frustrated by what is outside of our control.More importantly a truly learned and experienced Vedic astrologer will also be able to recommend specific courses of action to steer a person towards the greatest successes. They have tools to recommend such as natural gemstones that can be worn, mantras or sound vibrations that can be intoned and the use of sacred geometry to counter negative forces, at least to the degree that this is possible. It is never possible to completely change our karma, but it is most definitely possible to shape it towards the best outcomes IF we have the knowledge of how to do so.A Vedic astrologer must definitely have some of the intuitive abilities of a psychic or a mystic to be able to become the “best of seers”, but he or she must first be steeped in transcendental knowledge of the soul, as well as the laws of karma. It is their job to be a guide to people walking their individual paths in this world by giving knowledge that can be assimilated of their past, present and future. Such advice must be how a person can attain maximum success in their lives in all facets. It must naturally encompass fulfilling the material desires, while also gradually elevating themselves spiritually by understanding the laws of the universe governing life and death and rebirth.If a Vedic astrologer lives a life befitting a spiritual teacher then his or her knowledge of the universal laws and of the Vedic astrological science makes them not only a seer of the truth, but a counselor able to advise others in the secrets of realizing a truly fulfilling and satisfying life.
As a youth I began exercising my spiritual interests by asking questions of those whom my elders professed to “know”. Being disappointed in their apparent lack of “realized” knowledge I began gravitating towards the mysticism of the east in my teens. My studies of philosophy and religion in university years convinced me of the awesome treasure trove of spiritual knowledge found in the Vedas. The complete congruity and interconnection of science in Vedic “religion” makes the “yogic” path one of experience, and not simply “belief” or just “faith”.For insights and knowledge of that which is ill apparent to our external eyes in this world there is no question that consulting a spiritually advanced Vedic astrologer provides knowledge of the field of activity of life, as well as that of the path of successful action. We’re talking about our lives in this world, here and now, and not taking advice from dear old departed Uncle Troy from a psychic. Nor are we accepting words that are unverifiable coming from the “messages” so many psychics say they are told to reveal.If the Vedic astrologer can right off the bat tell your personality and the essence of your life experiences to date then you have some cause to listen to what he or she has to say about your future and how to shape it towards success. My advice to those who may doubt this is the “proof of the pudding is in the eating”.Next time you consider consulting a so-called professional psychic, consult a Vedic astrologer who comes highly recommended instead. It may very well give you the tools to change what you’ve always wanted to change, and attract towards you what you truly need, for the rest of your life.